hornbeam natty

hornbeam natty

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the durable hardwood jammer.

full hornbeam reminds us a lot of a full birch setup. we like to call it the modern TK-16!
the hornbeam tree has similar leaves to beech but belongs to the birch tree family. 
so it combines the best of both worlds. 

the tama is a laminted construction so it's made of 2 pieces of wood. 
it creates a nice halfsplit look. 

the hornbeam kendama can take a few beatings and will survive drops on concrete. 
If you are playing with a more of a aggressive playstyle, this is the natty for you.
Bevel breaks in amazing for stalls and has an insane overall playability. 

strung up with a blue string and a bearing bead.

what comes in da BOX:

- full hornbeam kendama

- 65cm string and bearing bead

- manual and stickers

- extra string and glass bead