Frequently asked questions


the paint on the ball chipped away, what can I do?

Due to the nature of Kendama, damage and wear aren't something unusual. It even makes it better. Experienced players call this process "breakin in". We do not cover damage due to player use.
We do offer a refund or exchange in case of damage caused by transport/shipping. just contact us and tell/show us what happened.

my Kendama arrived damaged / has cracks / is chipped!

Wood is a natural products, so defects may happen due to humidity.
When your product arrives damaged we are happy to replace it.
Shoot us a quick mail explaining your situation by using the subject: "DAMAGE REPORT"
We can only replace products that are damaged by shipping or transportation, we do not cover damage due to player use.

the string snapped / I am left handed / how do i deal with the string?

Sometimes, sh*t happens. Replacing a string can be hard but we will offer an unique stringing tool very soon that makes it easier than it ever was. Our Kendamas are strung up for right handed people.
There are no string holes in our sarado, so changing from right handed to left handed is a little different.
Let us show you how it's done by this video: soon to come youtube link

order & shipping

cancel my order!!

We all make mistakes and nobody is perfect. So if you ordered something by mistake, act quick.
We usually handle orders pretty fast so if you made a mistake shoot us a E-Mail or use the contact section as soon as possible with the subject: "ORDER CANCELLATION"
we're happy to help you out-

do you ship worldwide?

yup, we do!

customers are responsible for possible customs taxes though.

when does my order arrive?

You will find a tracking number attached to the mail when your ordered is confirmed.

estimated shipping time:
Austria: 3-5 working days EU: 5-7 working days rest of the world 7-12 working days


when do you restock this or that?

There are only a few products in our product range that will be restocked when they sell out. such as natural beech O's. Speaking of custom painted kendamas or special editions: they are only available once and never to be made again. One offs ARE one offs.

event sponsoring

If you want DA\O to sponsor your event please shoot us a mail at explain what kind of event you are planning and how many people will attend. you can also use our contact section on the website. use the subject: "SPONSORING"

we are happy to help you grow this community by our support.

sponsor me please/i want to be an ambassador

getting sponsored by DA\O is pretty hard because there is no team.
the only thing there is is FAMILY!!
to join the family it is really helpful to know family members and live the spirit this company stands for.

if you think you got what it takes shoot us an e-mail at never use Instagram DM's to ask for sponsorship

all other questions

inquiries, questions, collabs and love letters

if there is something else we can do for you please use the contact section on our website or e-mail us via stay hydrated & flow like water my friends <3, O