da o korrigiert vektor.png short for da originz.

A shortcut that represents the expression when in joy.

Joy is what Kendama provides to all of us. 

We strive for the most balanced skill toy on the market.


a wooden skill toy of japanese origin.  

It consists of 3 parts and more than 1000 variations to catch the ball on one of the 3 cups or on the spike.
It challenges your hand-eye-coordination and sharpens reflexes. 

Kendama also refers to the Bilboquet that was very popular in France in the end of the 16th century. 


is an essential part of Kendama. We take care of the weight and where we source our goods we use. 
When Ken and Sarado are within a few grams, fast flips and a good base for all known figures are given.

We believe this is the way to provide an All-In-One Kendama. All of our products are weight matched to perform and satisfy the player right away. 

We produce them on high precision CNC lathe machines in the best wood quality possible. 
Japanese tradition in european production. 

We offer a glossy clearcoat (FOAB) and a matte (rubbah) finish along with unique handpainted designs.

Our skill toys meet the guidelines of EN71 and are safe for children starting from 6 years of age. 

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